The Campaign

The Generic Promotion Campaign under the title "Add a special touch", and which has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, has helped to attract consumer attention to spices (its qualities, its application in food, history, etc.) and at the same time to raise awareness of the Spanish Association Processors and Packers of Spices and Seasonings (AEC) to other companies.
The campaign has been articulated through three brochures that correspond to the seasons: Winter - Spring, Spring - Summer, Fall - Winter. These brochures have been distributed in large supermarkets, being available directly to consumers, placed in special boxes designed for this purpose and located in the supermarket exhibitors of the company members participating in the Campaign. Each brochure was replaced by a new one, corresponding to the following change of season.

The dissemination of Press Releases from the ACS reporting the action has also increased the level of cooperation with the media, both specialised media and generic press, publishing articles that present, quote or describe the qualities of the products presented in the brochures developed as part of the campaign, as well as the role of our organization

Campaign Objectives


According to the Association, it was found that the consumption of our products may be diminished, largely due to the following reasons:

Therefore, the GENERIC PROMOTION CAMPAIGNpursues the following objectives:

The campaign facing the Spanish Consumer and the media v


Through permanent contact between the companies participating in the Generic Campaign, its distribution network and retail stores, as well as continuous exchanges between the Association (AEC) with the media, it was possible to track the progress of the Campaign.
The content of the booklet has been considered interesting both by the consumer at the sale points and by journalists who have published the information released by the AEC and repeatedly congratulated the Association for the design chosen for the logo and for the brochure, which give a new look to a very traditional, and not always well known by consumers sector.

PROMOTIONAL BROCHURES(clic here to enlarge)