The Spanish Association Processors and Packers of Spices & Seasonings is a non-profit organization founded in 1980, whose mission is to act in order to improve the conditions in which member companies operate.

Our organization is dedicated to upholding at all times the interests of Spanish industry, and more specifically to:

  1. Keep members permanently updated on current issues in the sector.
  2. Represent their collective interests in front of the administration (at national, regional and European level ) and other agencies or entities
  3. Support the companies associated with activities to improve their competitiveness
  4. Ensuring the quality of marketed products and the satisfaction of consumers of spices.

La The Association is the natural meeting place for all industries in the sector. This helps generating discussion about the challenges or problems in the industry and creates a very positive atmosphere of collaboration among all companies. A General Meeting and two or three Board Meetings are held annually. In addition, the Technical Committee, formed by the technical positions of each company, discusses all matters within its scope.
Therefore, the Association is chairman in Spain of the SC-8, a spices working group within the framework of the International ISO organization.

Member companies gain many advantages from the Association

To become part of the Spanish Association of Processors and Packers of Spices and Seasonings you can contact us or fill out the registration form and send it to the the Association.

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